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Your own boat #1 The truck transportation

Even before we made a deal witht he seller and before we made and offer of buying a boat we had to count our budget together with all the expences. The big portion of our cake we had to keep for the transportation, it is kind of expences you definitely have to count with. Regarding the trasportation the bigges issuse was for us the almost 4m height of the boat. Soon become clear that any trailer not designed for the ship transport wil be just simply useless if we wanna pass under bridges on highway, trees and tolleys wires. Searching on the web we sent a request for the calculation maybe up to 15 companies offering the truck transport on low profile trailers. To simplify everything: we got offers in range of 5-15k Euro. We choosed the cheapest one and we were very lucky to choose properly. The good sign was estimation on the price of each part of transportation (truck delivery to loading place, oversized load fees in Germany and in Czech Rep., pilot cars in Germany and in Czech Rep., the transport of the boat, and final truck delivery to home station).

We were about to make an offer on our heads were full of questions, one important one was: Where do we put our boat? Cyrano is almost 12m lenght over all and we needed a space to work on the boat to make her up. Firstly I never thought we will be able to put the boat in the front of the house, therefore I was considering the governmental land which I think will be not a problem to rent for several years to work on the boat.

 from the land ovnership application searching for suitable an to rent for boat fixing.

A printscreen from the land ovnership application searching for suitable place to rent for boat fixing.

We were sure we can not afford any hall to work on the boat indoor. We knew some people were building their boats under a highway bridges wich seems to be a great idea since you got a free roof to protect your from the heat, rain and even the snow. Unfortunatelly close to Dalibor’s parent’s house is no highway not any acess to “public” place so nicely covered. The best soution for us was to put the boat in the front of the house as we could work on it any time we would like to and as the benefit the boat will be protected from any thief.

To make and anddional savings on the transportation we dicussed with Tomas, the truck driver and owner of the company to do a pilot cars by ourseves (all of us have a truck driving licence and therefore some experience of truck driver’s prespective). As Tomas said ” the pilot cars are the driver’s eyes, they let the driver know what to watch out, and if needed they stop cars in the opposite directins. They have to be a good playing team.” Fortunatelly the agreement from Germany traffic autority did not specify police pilot cars and we were free to make our way home.



Boat hunting #2 Finding Cyrano

It was just about the end of winter when I was about to check online pictures of Ranger 29 for sale in Netherland, but becuase I forgot the website name I tryied search by keywords and accidentaly found Mariner 38 Pilot House being for sale in Germany located roughly about 400km from my parents home.

Mariner Pilothouse 38 we named Cyrano

Mariner Pilothouse 38, picture from the  sale. Hope the boat was at this shape at the time we went to check her.

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Boat hunting #1 A hobby for several years.

Since we are together we all the time wanted to go saling. Liping’s father was a nautical engeneer working of biggest ships build at the time. When Dalibor was about 10 years old his father together with his uncle spent coupe of years home build  7 meters long sailboat named Gaia (The Eearth in Greek mythology). The boat is still on mooring at Lipno lake in Czech Republic owned by friend of us.

So it was for both of us more than an idea to go sailing, it was an internall need for a freedom we we both had in our hearts.

The very first sailboat Dalibor owned is in a Papillon, in 1967 British build twin keel Hurey 22 with hull number 8010. Hurley 22s were quite a popular boats among British sailors. It was used to be called Lady’s boat for it’s easy manuverabilty and maybe becase the most famouse trip this boat have made was made by Margaret Hicks who become the first lady crossing Atlantic ocean singlehanded.

Margaret Hicks and Hurley 22 'Anonimous Bay'. First woman to cross the Atlantic singlehanded.

Margaret Hicks and Hurley 22. First woman to cross the Atlantic singlehanded.

Hurley 22 were aso used by British Navy for cadet trainigs. Later model of Hurley 22, the Hurley 700 was also owned by Dutch sailor Laura Dekker  who sailed her Hurley across to England. Laura later become famous for being the youngest person sail single handed around the world Continue reading »