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It is already longer than coupe of years ago when we met in Czech. What follow later did changed directions of our life, it was spontaneous, unexpected and even now we still can not get rid of a peace and freedom in our heads. Now we are married and going thru life together.

“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.” John Augustus Shedd, 1928

Tu Liping Priscilla- LiPing (莉苹), did study psychology in her bachelor degree and later achieved MSc. in cognitive science. She did “a hard” science and studied how our brain works especialy in a short memory. Never mind, rather than in laboratory work she like to work with people. She is exceptionally talented to work with kids. LiPing is mountaineering, paragliding and sailing enthusiast and that might be a reason why mountain boots fit her better than high-heel shoes.


   Dalibor (達利), has a bachelor degree in Photography, and MSc. in Environmental Science. Unlike LiPing Dalibor definitely does not know how his brain works, instead he is all the time searching for what is surrounding him. He likes photography, but in the context of complexity of this world seems him that a lot of important things are invisible for photography. Maybe therefore he shifted his focus on nature. Dalibor was involved in study of long distance transportation of  heavy metals and in his master degree he did a study of drinking water distribution in Baseco slum in the Philippines.


Why all this? All of us are looking for something, we do the same. We decided that we do not want to wait until our dreams will escape our possibilities. We do understand that our time is limited and we want to spent it together as much as possible. Both of us independently realized that sedentary lifestyle is not for us. We prefer to be our own master with all of it’s benefits and disadvantages. We prefer do things as much as possible by ourself, so it practise independence on what surround us. Learn how to fix your stuff by yourself rather than being depending on the shop at the corner, once they do not open and you will have troubles. We find out we like our own baked bread much more than the one from the shop, and also it is cheaper. We prefer to spent just necessary amount of money on things we do not like and keep more effort on thing which are important to us. This is already good reason for going to live aboard sailboat. 

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