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Boat hunting #1 A hobby for several years.

Since we are together we all the time wanted to go saling. Liping’s father was a nautical engeneer working of biggest ships build at the time. When Dalibor was about 10 years old his father together with his uncle spent coupe of years home build  7 meters long sailboat named Gaia (The Eearth in Greek mythology). The boat is still on mooring at Lipno lake in Czech Republic owned by friend of us.

So it was for both of us more than an idea to go sailing, it was an internall need for a freedom we we both had in our hearts.

The very first sailboat Dalibor owned is in a Papillon, in 1967 British build twin keel Hurey 22 with hull number 8010. Hurley 22s were quite a popular boats among British sailors. It was used to be called Lady’s boat for it’s easy manuverabilty and maybe becase the most famouse trip this boat have made was made by Margaret Hicks who become the first lady crossing Atlantic ocean singlehanded.

Margaret Hicks and Hurley 22 'Anonimous Bay'. First woman to cross the Atlantic singlehanded.

Margaret Hicks and Hurley 22. First woman to cross the Atlantic singlehanded.

Hurley 22 were aso used by British Navy for cadet trainigs. Later model of Hurley 22, the Hurley 700 was also owned by Dutch sailor Laura Dekker  who sailed her Hurley across to England. Laura later become famous for being the youngest person sail single handed around the world at her age of 14 on her Jeaneau Gin Fizz ketch.

The Papillon sat in the front of Dalibor’s parents house for several years while Daibor and LiPing were living in Taiwan. During the time we did not sail much, but it took us several years to make up our mind, find the way how to prepare ourselfs and generally gain the knowledge. The biggest infuence on us had great friends Jana and Petr with their blog Klubko.Net. Jana and Petr gave us their insight view into the life on small sailboat and showed us it is possible. They shared their own experience, books, fims and their knowledge with us and pationatelly answered our questions.

We did out best to save some money for buying the sailtboat, and becuase we knew that we could never afford the “ready for cruising” we gather the knowledge of the most important features wee need on our future boat and improved our manual self sufficiency as the key to achieve our dream. The most important for us was an structural durability of the key parts of the boat, the hull, mast and rigging. The size and displacement of the boat and our comfort were not important, we wanted to go even small, but go now.

We were constantly searching for the boat, we knew of all the boat at the market within our budget limit and sight above. We kept an eye on boats at Ebay, YachtWorld and other websites. Searched for private sellers, brookers and tryied to find out the best boat for us. Necessary to say that mnay kind of boats are “the best” once you pay for it and you have the title on your name. We mainly serached for boats above 30, 35ft respectivelly. But if at the time showed up boat smaller for a good price strongly build we would go for it.

And so it was with the Ocean Sunrise Albin Vega (27ft) we purchased on Ebay being on the hard in Gibraltar from the couple who wanted to sail her from England to Australia, but end up in the south of Europe. Althought we paid for the boat, the owner chnged his mind and after several skype talks he sent the money back and we were without a boat once again.

OceanSunrise, Albin Vega

OceanSunrise, Albin Vega.

After some time we find the price of Marynya, Alberg 37 dropped down into our bugdet we could afford. We ever since liked Alberg’s 37 for it’s good reputation of bluewater cruising boat, althought the displacemnt is quite small for it’s 37ft lenght. The Marynya was on Floria and we were in Taiwan, so even a really sympathic seller which was very easy to talk to we were to slow to manage the purchase and inspection.

Aberg 37 Marynia

Aberg 37 Marynya in Florida.

Another year later a project of Endurance 35 appeared in British Columbia, Canada. After several emails echange with the brooker we decided the boat is worth to fly to BC and inspect personally and buy it, fix it there for several months and sail back to Europe. But broker was in a rush on us for the payment full amount before we fly there, which honestly for this kind of prjoect boat was net realy fair behaviour. After several years living in Taiwan, where the people are the most polite I have ever met, where the customers satisfaction is more than earning and extra buck I was shocked by such a behaving. And as very wisely LiPing’s brother said “Buying a yacht is a very important step for you, you shall buy it happily, not in a way someone push you to do something you do not want”. We tood this old asian wisdom and let this boat go.

Endurance 35 at Gibson, BC, Canada.

Just few months after the experience with Endurance 35 a MESUF, German build steel boat Skorpion II went for sale near Hamburg. The MEFUF was owned previously by professor Hauke Trinks who used the boat for polar expeditions in Swaldard/ Spicberken. Dr. Trinks frezed up with MESUF for two winter in Arctic ice doing a research on origin of life and his theory of first life on the chemical level appeared in the polar regions. The MESUF was a right boat for us. At the time we were in Taiwan and could not come back to Europe to check it. We paid the boat and asked Dalibor’s parents to drive from Czech to Hamburg, Germnay to inspect the boat for us. Equiped with newly bought ultrasound gauge for measuring the hull thickness and corrosion level Dalibor parents drove 2000km to find out the MESUF was literally holey thru the hull, deck and superstructure. Sadly the boat was out of the scale of rapairment. After an discussion with sympathic and trustworthy seller we received our payment back.

MESUF and Hauke Trinks on the cover of his book Leben Im Eis (Life In Ice).

MESUF and Hauke Trinks on the cover of his book Leben Im Eis (Life In Ice).

In the mean time we moved from Taiwan to Czech Republic with plan to stay there for couple of years, so LiPing can easily pick up Czech language and have a better view into life there, so in the future we can make a more wise decission where to stay, even the only one country is probably too small for us. We finished Papillon restoration and with the end of sailing season we put him on the water with us for the first time. With almost freezing temperatures it was not a pleasure, but it was an great satisfaction for us. Over the winter Mariner 38 Pilot House appeared for sale in Germany, the further story you might know, but if you wanna know in the detail how did we buy Cyrano, please continue reading on #2.

Mariner Pilothouse 38 we named Cyrano

Mariner Pilothouse 38 we later named Cyrano.