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Your own boat #1 The truck transportation

Another story begins.

Even before we made a deal with the seller and before we made and offer of buying a boat we had to count our budget together with all the expences. The big portion of our cake we had to keep for the transportation, it is kind of expences you definitely have […]

Boat hunting #2 Finding Cyrano

Mariner Pilothouse 38 we named Cyrano

It was just about the end of winter when I was about to check online pictures of Ranger 29 for sale in Netherland, but becuase I forgot the website name I tryied search by keywords and accidentaly found Mariner 38 Pilot House being for sale in Germany located roughly about 400km from my parents home.


Boat hunting #1 A hobby for several years.

Hauke Trinks- MESUF in the ice

Since we are together we all the time wanted to go saling. Liping’s father was a nautical engeneer working of biggest ships build at the time. When Dalibor was about 10 years old his father together with his uncle spent coupe of years home build 7 meters long sailboat named Gaia (The Eearth in Greek […]