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Your own boat #1 The truck transportation

Another story begins.

Even before we made a deal with the seller and before we made and offer of buying a boat we had to count our budget together with all the expences. The big portion of our cake we had to keep for the transportation, it is kind of expences you definitely have to count with. Regarding the trasportation one of the big issuses was the almost 4m height of the boat. Originally I contacted several low deck trailer transportation companies, but our height was just too troublesome for bridges, trees, tunels etc. The boat was just too high for any standard oversize cargo. Soon become clear that any trailer not designed for the ship transport wil be just simply useless if we wanna pass under bridges on highway, trees and tolleys wires. To simplify everything, from the boat specialised trnsportations compacies: we got offers in variation of 10k Euro. We were so lucky to find Mr. Spirit from his company Port Bayt Boat Transportation. The good sign was an estimation on the price of each part of transportation (truck delivery to loading place, oversized load fees in Germany and in Czech Rep., pilot cars in Germany and in Czech Rep., the transport of the boat, and final truck delivery to the home station). So even before making a deal we wanted to make sure we have enough money to bring the boat home.

We were about to make an offer, but our heads were still full of questions, one important one was: Where do we put our boat to work on it? Cyrano is almost 12m lenght over all and we needed a space to work on the boat to make her up. Firstly I never thought we will be able to put the boat in the front of the house, therefore I was considering the governmental land which I think will be not a problem to rent for several years to work on the boat.

 from the land ovnership application searching for suitable an to rent for boat fixing.

A printscreen from the land ovnership application searching for suitable place to rent for boat fixing.

We were sure we can not afford any hall to work on the boat indoor. We knew some people were building their boats under a highway bridges wich seems to be a great idea since you got a free roof to protect you from the heat, rain and even the snow. Unfortunatelly close to Dalibor’s parent’s house is no highway not any acess to “public” place so nicely covered. The best soution for us was to put the boat in the front of the house as we could work on it any time we would like to, at the same time the boat will be protected from any thief.

As LiPing was at the moment working behind the noth pole cyrcle, Dalibor and his father went to Nurnberg once again already with the purchase agreement in the hands to make an offer. The deal was made and we becomed the legal owners of this beautifully looking wereck with our eyes full of the far a way destinations.

To make and anddional savings on the transportation we dicussed with Tomas, the truck driver and owner of the company to do a pilot cars by ourseves (all of us have a truck driving licence and therefore some experience of truck driver’s prespective). As Tomas said ” the pilot cars are the driver’s eyes, they let the driver know what to watch out, and if needed they stop cars in the opposite directins. They have to be a good playing team.”

The transport date was set, as the main issue for us regarding the transportation was the total cost, we were even able to lower tdown this by adjustting time of the transport so Tomas could find another transport to carry the opposite direction saving us one way cost. Previous owner Sabine helped us to find a local truck-krane and the transport could start. One day in advance we packed our two cars, and total four of us including Dalibor’s father and brother made our six hours way. Sabine and Jurgen managed to take a part the roof covering the boat, so on us was just to clean the several years growing lichens from the deck and other cosmetical issues.

During the previous trips there we tried to moved as much interiors as possible from the two storages, so once we transport the boat it will be not full of mess going in it. Obviously, the boat was trasported with a lot of mess in it, but it could be even worse if we did not take our chance to prepare for that. If you look at the pictures below, you will notice that most of the iteriors are out, all the windows, bezels, berths, kitchen area, sails and ropes, anchors and three steering whees (yes, Cyrano has two steering areas, one outdoor and one in the pilothouse) and many other necessary stuff are already moved away.

LiPing already set up the full power on our rusty Perkins 4.108 going behind the horizon.

As you can see LiPing already set up the full power on our rusty Perkins 4.108 going behind the horizon.


Poor Cyrano under the larch tree overgrown by lichens.

Poor Cyrano under the larch tree overgrown by lichens for several years. But it nneded just a gentle touch with the brush and high-pressure cleaner and the deck shine like new :)

Tomas with his truck arrived on schedulle, we prepared the trailer for loading and afternnon the eight wheel truck crane arrived as well. The loading was quite fast and the 50t crane moved the Cyrano without even notice that. The mast was lied on the deck with some wooden supports. About an hour of the crane work and we were for about 400Euro more poor than before.


Even the Cyrao at the moment sit nicely on the trailer, we were still a bit worried becuase our oversize cargo transportation fromt he German authorities still did not come. It was Thursday afternnon and we needed to leave the Germany before Friday noon, oterwise we got stuck over the wekend. The freezing night passed and and we could enjoy a freetime in cockpit of our new beautifull dream boat. The email with the trafic permission arrived and within few minutes 400 horses Tomas’s Scania started to tow us home. Fortunatelly the agreement from German traffic autority did not specify police pilot cars and we were free to make our way home by our own pilot cars and orange flash ights on the roof.

The traffic permission for the oversize cargo stated exactly road we will have to pass thru city with the exact time to do not jam the roads. We crossed the border Germany-Czech at 12:00 noon, just on time.


A beautifull day behind us and a lot of work in the front of us.